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At Rabbu

We believe the future of travel is changing.

Boring hotels and unreliable vacation rentals are a thing of the past. Our guests want consistent, affordable and locally authentic travel experiences. That’s why we’re partnering with platforms like Airbnb and many others to translate the best features of a luxury boutique hotel to the newly emerging short-term rental market.

Our story

Authentic travel experiences to our guests.

Rabbu is partnered with property owners across the Southeast to source premium properties in the best locations across the region.  We’ve established partnerships with local shops, bars and restaurants to make our guests feel like they’re visiting a city they already know and love.

Our mission

Make you feel at home during your stay.

From our first interaction with a guest to checkout and beyond, we’re here to help. We’ve hand crafted the entire travel experience to make our guests feel like they’re working with a trusted friend to reserve an amazing property, feel welcome when they arrive and experience local culture.

What we offer

Ultra-premium mattresses, pillows, and sheets

Spotless properties with all the amenities of home

Complimentary local artisanal coffee and snacks

24/7 guest concierge and exclusive guest services

Authentically local tips, offers, and recommendations

High-speed Wifi and technology-enabled rooms

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