Ten stats to include when listing your Airbnb home

It’s an Airbnb seller’s market.

So, you have an Airbnb home and you’re wanting to part ways? We’ve got some good news for you, there’s a whole buyers market out there itching for exactly what you’ve got: an Airbnb ready home.

It seems like lately the world has been bitten by the short-term rental bug. Whether you’re a host or a guest, short-term stays are on fire. Hosts are realizing the mass amounts of revenues that short-term rental strategies can generate, and guests are keen on staying in a more styled and personalized space than in a generic hotel. Higher revenues for hosts + high demand from guests = a very lucrative market. Lucky for you, hosts are eager to get involved, and you can help them.

While starting an Airbnb net-new from a residential property is still an accessible and lucrative way to get started (especially with our expert help!), the truth is, for buyers who value a quick and easy sale and start-up process, buying an existing Airbnb, like yours, is the clear choice. Buying an existing Airbnb means the buyer is walking into a fully functioning business — furniture is curated, bookings are secured, vendor relationships have been forged. It is truly a turn-key operation.

10 stats to include when marketing your Airbnb property to buyers.

Now that we know there’s demand for turn-key properties like yours, how do you tap into it? We’ve been there and done that, and helped many others along the way, too. Throughout our experience, we’ve found 10 non-negotiable stats to include when marketing your Airbnb property to buyers to pique interest.

  1. Location, location, location. People need to know where they’re buying! We recommend including city, neighborhood, and address. City to capture general interest, neighborhood for people to dive deeper into neighborhood amenities, and address for granular property research.
  2. Listing price. When deciding what price to list your Airbnb for, it’s important to factor in a few things. Ask yourself questions like: Is there a significant amount of income from future bookings already on the calendar for the buyer to inherit? What is the value of the furniture, if leaving fully furnished? Is your carefully curated portfolio of trusted handymen, cleaners, and HVAC specialists worth a material price?While the answer to many of these questions may add value to your house, the buyer may not be able to secure a loan for that price given those features go above and beyond property value. We still think it’s worth tacking on to the listing price — you’ve done a lot of hard work to earn it. But beware that buyers may need to pay in cash for those “bonuses” that fall above the residential property’s valuation.
  3. Basic home stats. How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Unique features? Be sure to highlight these facts in the listing.
  4. Historical gross revenue. Ah, now we dive into the meat of things — the money. Providing gross revenue for the past 12-months (if you’ve been operating that long) is non-negotiable, though 24-months or longer is even better.
  5. Historical average daily rate (ADR). We recommend the same guidance here as above. Providing ADR for the past 12-months (if you’ve been operating that long) is a must, though the longer historical period, the better.
  6. Cap rate. While cap rates can vary wildly from market to market and city to city, this is a good stat to highlight to add a little more color to your listing. This is particularly true if your cap rate falls between 8-12% or higher!
  7. Historical occupancy rate. Just like cap rates, occupancy rates can also drastically vary market by market. Some markets experience high seasonality, while others experience a consistent stream of guests all year. Including your occupancy rate can provide some detail about what hosts can expect, and if your occupancy is above 70% or 75%, it’ll definitely draw some eyes.
  8. Nearby competition. Some Airbnb markets have become saturated — that doesn’t mean that stand-out properties can’t, and won’t, still thrive, but it’s important to provide context about this up front. We might be biased, but we think our Insights tool does a great job at providing comp statistics. Feel free to link to your property’s result in your listing!
  9. Property photos. A picture is worth a thousand words! Be sure to include photos of the property itself, the surrounding area, the floor plan, and the nearby neighborhood. This is a chance to really highlight what is unique and buy-worthy about your property.
  10. Link to Airbnb listing. And last but not least, be sure to include a link to your Airbnb listing. This will give the buyer a sense of what you’ve got to offer and what they’re stepping into.

How to go above and beyond: bonus stats.

Want to go above and beyond? Buyers sure love as much detail as they can get their hands on, so go ahead and include these too if you’ve got them handy.

  • Detailed financial statements. This can be anything from annual expenses, to a 12-month P&L.
  • Internal rate of return
  • Cash on cash

You’re now armed with our expert artillery for generating interest in your Airbnb home for sale. Want to streamline the process even more? We’ve got 50,000 captive buyers just waiting for your listing. Drop your details below and we’ll get in touch.


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