Airbnb host analytics All Airbnb hosts need this one analytics tool to succeed

Your Airbnb’s performance shouldn’t be a mystery, our Airbnb host analytics tool ensures it isn’t.

Do you know your Airbnb property’s or portfolio’s average ADR? What about occupancy? What bookings do you have coming up, and from which booking channel? What do guests mention often in reviews about your listing(s)? Knowing metrics like this in real-time are key to operating a thriving and optimized short-term rental (STR) business, but unfortunately, these data points are oftentimes sprinkled across disparate platforms and tracked in manual ways. Until now – enter, Portfolio by Rabbu, the best-in-class Airbnb host analytics tracking tool.

What is Portfolio, Rabbu’s Airbnb host analytics tool?

Portfolio is Rabbu’s answer to the elusive question: how is my STR performing? The performance of your investment shouldn’t be a mystery, yet unfortunately, disjointed solutions or manual tools force it to be. Portfolio is Rabbu’s proprietary Airbnb host analytics tool, or what we call our “Owner’s Portal”. We believe transparency is key, and we built Portfolio to provide just that. Within Portfolio, STR hosts & owners can see at a glance the information they care about most: dashboards with custom reports about their property’s or portfolio’s key metrics, robust data and statistics about each individual property within their portfolio, transparent information about upcoming reservations, an in-depth look into reviews from past guests, and detailed and granular financial statements.

Custom reporting dashboard

We have a lot of Airbnb host analytics to share, and we want to make sure owners can view it in a way that’s meaningful to them. That’s why we’ve built out custom dashboards – here, owners can choose which key metrics they’d like to view (ADR, occupancy, average owner’s income, bookings, and more!) for whichever time period they choose, giving them an at-a-glance view at how their listing(s) is/are performing.

Robust, detailed property specifics

Owners with multiple properties can drill down into each individual property’s performance, allowing them to better understand key KPIs for each of their listings, monitor SmartHome devices, and more.

Calendar view of past and upcoming reservations

Keep a pulse of who is checking in and out of each of your properties with a consolidated calendar & list view of past and upcoming reservations. This view shows you, at a glance, which listing site your bookings are coming from, the total reservation cost, and other key reservation details to best keep you updated.

Guest review and rating view

There’s no better way to understand how your property is performing, if there is anything at your property that needs attention, or if there is anything guests are really enjoying about it than by reading guest reviews. All reviews and ratings from prior guests, across all listing sites (Airbnb, VRBO, and more), will be pulled into one consolidated place for you to view a summarized view or to read each review individually.

Detailed, downloadable financial statements

The ability to view, monitor, and export detailed financial statements is key when running an STR business. We enable owners to best understand estimated future payouts and also see a granular breakdown of past payouts & financial statements by allowing owners to easily view and export financial statements for any date range they need.

Why are owner’s tools like Portfolio necessary?

When working with a property management partner, transparency is key. You’re trusting them with an asset you worked hard for – you should be able to know, at a glance, how it’s performing and how they’re caring for it. At Rabbu, transparency is a top priority. As your property management partners, we are truly partners – committed to providing you with all of the key metrics you need in order to understand how your property or portfolio is performing. 

Real-time metrics are what empower us to optimize your property fully, earning you the best passive returns that we can. These same real-time metrics are passed to you through Portfolio, giving you a singular source-of-truth view into what we’re seeing, the results of our management, and giving you the outlet to ask any questions or raise any comments as needed.

In short, owner’s tools are necessary to provide you with the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands and to show you real-time performance data, making sure nothing is ever a mystery or surprise.

How is Portfolio different than other Airbnb host analytics tools on the market?

Real-time, comprehensive, and consolidated performance metrics are of utmost importance to operating an optimized STR business, but unfortunately, current solutions on the market are disjointed and manual. Many hosts find themselves leveraging manual Excel spreadsheet models, going individually to each listing site to pull statistics and monitor performance, pulling in stats only to find them outdated shortly after. Portfolio is the automated, singular solution for Airbnb host analytic performance and monitoring – putting the power into the hands of our partnered owners to understand exactly how their investment is performing, always.

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