airbnb new changes flexible travel How to make the most of Airbnb’s new changes

For many people, Airbnb is synonymous with the short-term rental market itself. While it is certainly not the only short-term rental platform out there, there’s no doubt that it has had a profound effect on how we travel and how we invest. Now, thanks to the introduction of Airbnb’s new changes (100+ !) to its platform, it’s poised to change the game once again. 

Here at Rabbu, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities: that’s why we’ve compiled a list of changes that we are the most excited about.

Airbnb’s New Changes: The New World of Flexible Travel

Short-Term Rental Insurance

For those who are unfamiliar with the STR space, a lack of familiarity with standard security protocols can be a major barrier. Although STRs have become the choice for the majority of modern travelers, there are still many people who prefer the security of knowing what they are getting with a traditional hotel. As STR platforms continue to develop increasingly robust insurance plans, however, many of these lingering worries will start to fade. 

Airbnb has established itself as a leader in this particular space. The company recently revamped AirCover, its platform-specific insurance coverage for hosts, to include guests as well. The original AirCover, which guaranteed coverage of any damage to the property, helped give peace of mind to property owners who would otherwise feel nervous about opening up their property to renters. Now, the platform is providing guests with protection against host cancellations and check-in issues, establishing a 24/7 Safety Line, and providing refunds or re-bookings if a given property does not measure up to its listing.

These changes open up a world of possibilities for both guests and hosts, reluctant or enthusiastic, first-time or hundredth-time. As innovations like these continue to rival the assurances provided by traditional hotels, we expect to see more and more newcomers getting in on the market.

airbnb new changes traveler insurance

Flexibility Like Never Before

Beyond making STRs more secure, Airbnb’s new updates are also making them more dynamic and exciting. Of the new changes, four features, in particular, will have a significant impact on the way that we conceive of travel planning: Flexible Dates, Flexible Matching, Flexible Destinations, and Split Stays.

Flexible Dates

Flexible Dates offers a departure from the traditional way of booking stays according to fixed calendar dates. Instead, this feature allows users to select a location, a month, and a duration of stay–a weekend, a week, or even a month–with the specific dates being generated by the app.

Flexible Matching

Flexible Matching allows users to see listing results that would otherwise be excluded by their search parameters, giving them access to a wider range of properties.

Flexible Destinations

Flexible Destinations builds on this emphasis on discovery, helping users gain access to unique kinds of properties–such as treehouses or even castles–in places that they may not have known to search for. A kind of automated travel agent, this feature is one that travelers interested in having utterly unique experiences will not want to pass up.

airbnb new changes flexible destinations

Split Stays

Split Stays offers a variety of exciting options for travelers of all kinds. It enables travelers to experience destinations fully and holistically by offering them the ability to find accommodations in different areas of the same destination, effectively giving them multiple vacation experiences with only one plan. For those seeking to work remotely or simply travel for a longer period, this tool will be essential to minimizing the hassle of organizing extended stays.

Never A Better Time To Host

Just as the guest experience is becoming more streamlined, accessible, and dynamic, so too is the process of becoming a host. In the past, the onboarding process to become a host consisted of dozens of steps: with their recent updates, Airbnb has simplified it down to just ten.

Incorporating the latest technology has enabled the company to make first-time hosting, which can seem like an extremely daunting task, into something creative and even fun. The adoption of computer-vision deep learning models and sophisticated smart text suggestions helps hosts create stunning visual displays and arresting descriptions that will make their properties stand out. For users in the U.S, the app can now use publicly available real estate data to automatically provide crucial information about a property, such as its number of bedrooms and bathrooms, freeing up hosts to focus on ironing out the more exciting aspects of their listing. 

These updates make becoming a host a far more secure and convenient process than ever before.

For first-time investors or existing owners that would like a more hands-off approach to listing their property and hosting guests, we’ve got a solution. That’s where Rabbu comes in: we offer full-service property management powered by our comprehensive management platform that leverages the latest advances in technology to ensure that you can maximize your hosting experience and your passive income without maximizing effort. 

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