airbnb Q1 2022 earnings data for investors Reflecting on Airbnb’s Q1 2022 earnings data, for STR investors

Airbnb’s Q1 2022 earnings data packs a punch of excitement.

The summer of short-term rentals is here.

Summer 2022 is shaping up to be the summer of short-term rentals as the world has opened up for international travelers. For those who are truly invested in this space, it has opened up in some especially new and exciting ways.

Airbnb’s recent Q1 2022 earnings data has shown travelers’ enthusiasm rebounding for the summer, with 102.1 million in nights and experiences booked in the first quarter alone–numbers surpassing pre-pandemic levels. 

airbnb q1 2022 earnings data

Airbnb revenue growth

The short-term rental company has seen revenue surge 70% from last year’s first quarter. This outstanding growth is expected to continue throughout the current quarter, with Airbnb estimating that revenue will be between $2.03 billion and $2.13 billion. 

Gross booking value

Gross booking value–a combination of service fees, cleaning fees, and taxes–was up 67% year over year, totaling $17.2 billion in the first quarter and exceeding Wall Street’s estimate of $16.54 billion, per StreetAccount


These supercharged results come from eager travelers ready to holiday in the post-pandemic wake, with Airbnb being one of the premier booking sites of choice for short-term rentals. The site has seen 30% more bookings organized for this summer travel season than it did in April of 2019, indicating that people are not only becoming comfortable with traveling again, but are more excited about it than ever.

Average daily rates

To the delight of investors, average daily rates (ADR) for bookings also rose 5% from those of a year ago, reaching $168 in the first quarter.

airbnb q1 2022 earnings data


Gross nights booked

Gross nights booked in non-urban areas saw the strongest results during the first quarter compared to the same period in 2019, while high-density area bookings also showed ‘strong signs’ according to Airbnb, with an 80% growth from that of a year ago.

Types of stays

Work-from-home culture has been a large contributor to the change in the short-term rental landscape, with millions of workers across all industries now taking advantage of remote options. Airbnb attributed the rise in its recent bookings to the new ‘work from home normal,’ with data demonstrating that long-term stays of 28 days or more remained their fastest-growing category by trip length compared to that of 2019, accounting for 21% of gross nights booked in the first quarter. 

How to seize the STR moment

The increasing demand for short-term rentals and Airbnb’s powerhouse results for last quarter shows us why now is the perfect time to enter the market. With this growth expected to remain strong throughout the remainder of the year, there has never been a better time to secure a prime piece of short-term real estate. 

In the face of so much demand, securing the perfect property is the most important step in the purchasing process and a determining factor in ensuring a good return on investment. For many, the task of finding a good investment can be overwhelming. With so much noise in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know where to begin, but with the aid of new tools and technologies available to the modern-day investor, there has never been an easier time to enter the short-term rental market.

When considering a short-term investment purchase, location is undoubtedly key, as the difference of a few blocks can make a dramatic difference to a property’s value. Effective use of data and insights are essential to helping investors predict consumers’ needs and strategize their best return on investment. Thanks to recent PropTech advancements, there are countless data-driven insights available to help.  

Our Insights tool is a game-changer for investors, particularly those who have already acquired property or who have a specific property in mind for purchase. Insights allows buyers to search for any address and immediately gain access to monthly short-term rental revenue projections that have been calculated using data from comparable short-term rental properties. We designed this tool as a way to put the data in the hands of investors so they could easily determine if a property would provide them with a good return on investment.

Another exciting new tool available to the savvy investor is the Rabbu Marketplace, a personalized consumer product that allows investors to discover their ideal on- or off-market property. Within this all-in-one tool, consumers are able to filter investment properties based on the purchase price, property type, market, and returns that are specific to their individual needs. Then, customized Deal Alerts are sent straight to the investors’ inbox with target-specific properties available at the touch of a button, giving investors the advantage of a quick draw. With so much demand in the market, securing a property can be tricky; our deal alerts cut through the noise by delivering informed leads directly to your inbox, helping you act fast to secure the right property.

The recent quarterly data from Airbnb should be a cause for celebration among those interested in the short-term rental space: it shows that things are not simply getting back to normal, but going above and beyond that normal. We at Rabbu are all about going above and beyond, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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