best airbnb amenities The 10 best Airbnb amenities for short-term rentals to maximize ROI

Investing in the best Airbnb amenities for the best returns

The short-term rental industry is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, it’s expected to be worth more than $82.63 billion by the end of 2022. As the demand for short-term rentals continues to rise, so do investors who see this as an opportunity to expand their income streams and cater to a new segment of potential guests. Whether you’re planning to launch your first short-term rental or improve your current listing, investing in the best Airbnb amenities that offer extra value will help maximize your return on investment. 

The options are endless, and different guests will surely appreciate different amenities. To help get the creative ball rolling, we’ve brainstormed the top 10 best Airbnb amenities that you should prioritize offering within your short-term rental: 

The 10 best Airbnb amenities every investor should incorporate

1. Outdoor Lounge Area

So long as your property layout allows, every property should have an outdoor lounge area where guests can be social, relax, and feel at home. Whether it’s a natural setting or a more urban environment, having a lounge area allows guests to congregate and enjoy a space that’s designed for comfort. This area should have a variety of furniture, some examples include a couch, coffee table, lounge chairs, and a sitting area with a rug and plenty of pillows. Along with other amenities, an outdoor lounge area will enable short-term guests to enjoy the space year-round. Depending on the environment, you can also provide heaters and blankets when the nights are brisk or misters and water activities to cool down on a hot day. 

outdoor lounge area

2. Dedicated Workspace

With more people than ever before working remotely, one essential that travelers are gravitating to is a dedicated workspace. It’s estimated that 4.7 million people in the US are expected to be working from home. This means that those hitting the road are going to need a convenient way to plug in and get their work done before embarking on their next travel adventure. That’s why offering high-speed internet, a desk, chair, and a few courtesy office supplies like pens, paper and a notebook can give your guests everything they need for a relaxing and productive getaway. 

best airbnb amenities home office

3. Free Parking

While this one may seem like a no-brainer, one way to entice travelers is to offer free parking. With ride-share services like Uber and Lyft in most major cities, most guests like to park their car and leave it while they worry about more important things like exploring the local cuisine or attractions that make the destination unique. Offering free parking or ensuring there is ample street parking near the property will make your listing stand out even more. 

free parking

4. Smart TVs

Technology has come a long way over the years, so what better way to upgrade your Airbnb than incorporating some of the latest advancements like a Smart TV? Recent device upgrades makes Smart TV personalization possible for each guest, without putting the burden on the host to provide accounts. With these features, guests can login to their own accounts and watch their favorite programs as if they’re at home. It’s a win-win for both sides of the aisle as property owners won’t have to worry about giving out their credentials while guests will have peace-of-mind that they’ll be logged out after they checkout. 

best airbnb amenities smart tv

5. At-Home Fitness Equipment

As fitness is a huge part of so many people’s daily routine, it can make guests feel extra comfortable when they have easy access to a few fitness essentials during their stay. From treadmills and Pelotons to weights, resistance bands, desk treadmills, or sporting equipment, these thoughtful touches can make a big impact on your guest’s satisfaction. 

home gym

6. Comfortable Mattress

After a long day of travel or exploration, there’s nothing quite like returning “home” and resting the mind and body on a comfortable mattress. For some travelers, there’s no better amenity than allowing them to have a good night’s sleep. From firmness and size to texture and foundation type, these are all things to consider and research before finding the perfect mattress for your listing. At the end of the day, a well-rested guest is a happy guest. 

best airbnb amenities

7. Washer & Dryer Access

Another great amenity to incorporate into your vacation rental is giving guests access to a washer and dryer. Whether this is in the unit itself or a communal option on the property, this amenity allows travelers to pack light and get a leg-up on laundry before they head back home. 

best airbnb amenities laundry

8. Contactless Check-In & Other Tech Upgrades

One of the biggest conveniences of having a smartphone is having access to a myriad of different functions right at your fingertips. One of these includes contactless check-in. With so many different smart locks on the market today, guests can easily enter and exit the building while feeling safe and secure in the process. Other popular tech upgrades guests enjoy are smart thermostats, dimming lights, and Alexa home devices to play music and give recommendations on local attractions.

contactless entry

9. Pet Friendly

Now, what’s a vacation without your four-legged friend? As approximately 78 percent of Americans who have pets travel with them each year, you’ll need to incorporate some pet-friendly amenities if you want to attract these guests. Whether it’s having a dedicated “pet” corner with a cozy bed, chew toys, and treats, or including the pet’s name in a welcome amenity upon arrival, making the guest’s pet feel like part of the family will keep them begging for more stays at your Airbnb. 

best airbnb amenities dog friendly

10. Destination Specific Amenities

Depending on where your property is located, offering destination-specific amenities can help you make a special connection with your guests. For beach properties, consider leaving towels, sunblock, beach toys, chairs, and even bikes so the guests don’t have to worry about buying these essentials when they arrive. For a mountain home, you can try offering hiking equipment, protein bars, or binoculars for local sightseeing or bird-watching. If it’s a ski town, be sure to leave hand warmers, mittens, scarves, and hot chocolate for the guest to easily heat up when they return back for a rest. 

If your property is located in a destination that has a lot of local flare, try incorporating that into a welcome amenity like Vermont + maple syrup, Arizona + cactus or succulents, Texas + ten-gallon hats and boots, and Georgia + peaches. 

best airbnb amenities local flair

Unlocking profit with thoughtful amenities

As the vacation industry continues to grow and evolve, so do short-term rental properties. To maximize your ROI, it’s important to invest in amenities that offer value to guests and make your property feel like a home away from home. Outdoor lounge areas, comfortable mattresses, and localized amenities are all excellent ways to make guests feel at ease and welcome, eager to plan their return trip.

At the end of the day, when guests check into their Airbnb, their first impression will set the tone for the trip. The most successful hosts are able to imagine themselves as a guest and offer a retreat that is friendly, in a great location, has a fair price, and will keep the guests safe for the duration of their stay. Once you have the right amenities, the rest will fall into place. 

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