how to buy an airbnb How to act fast on a short-term rental investment opportunity

So you’ve found your dream investment, what’s next?

Congrats, you’ve found a really great investment opportunity and you want to take the next step! Finding a property is about half of the hard work, but luckily, we’ve got you covered with what to expect to help get your investment across the finish line.

how to buy an airbnb

Securing and optimizing a short-term rental investment in seven steps

  1. Meet with a Rabbu STR Advisor. So you found a property that you think would make a great short-term rental, that’s great! We want to hear about it. Get in touch with us from each respective Rabbu STR Deal Alerts listing if you found it through our buyer preferences platform, or by scheduling time with us below. We’ll help you review detailed underwriting and give you some tips on what to do next.
  2. Meet with a local broker to begin the purchase process. Rabbu is well connected within the real estate world and has trusted brokers we can recommend to you in a variety of markets. During our conversion, we’ll review where the investment opportunity is located and refer you to our trusted network of brokers if we have one in the local area. If we don’t have any local broker recommendations for your specific market, we’ll help guide you in finding the perfect match.
  3. Secure financing. After meeting with a local broker and finalizing your purchase decision, you may or may not need to secure financing. Rabbu has a few trusted resources we can provide you, and your broker should also be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. Close on the property. Once financing is secured, an offer is made, and the offer is accepted, it’s almost time to celebrate. One last step though, paperwork. The exciting kind, though, because when you’re complete with it, you’ll have a sweet new investment property under your name! Cross your t’s and dot your i’s to finally close on your new short-term rental property.
  5. Celebrate! Okay…now’s the time to celebrate!
  6. Get your property rental ready with Rabbu’s help. Here at Rabbu, we’re your partners throughout every investment phase. Now that the property is officially yours, our relationship doesn’t stop there, Rabbu can also help manage your property for you and optimize your returns. With a signed property management partnership in place, we can immediately begin our work and get your property rental ready. All while you sit back and enjoy being a new investment property owner.
  7. Enjoy monthly passive income, straight to your bank account. After working to get your property rental ready is where the real fun comes in, operating it and optimizing it 24/7 to make sure you get the highest ROI. You’ll see our hard work pay off in the form of monthly owner payouts, directly to your bank account.

With Rabbu’s help, you can take a dream investment opportunity to a dream-come-true. We’ve got you covered every step of the way – this is your sign to take the leap.

Short-term rental real estate investing, made easy.

Let’s get started. We’ll give you a call.
  • Rely on trusted partners (us!) to manage your property for you, giving you time back in your busy day.
  • Enjoy higher yields, powered by our innovative dynamic nightly pricing and flexible lengths-of-stay strategies.
  • Get ahead of an already booming industry, effortlessly.