eco-friendly airbnb How to host an eco-friendly Airbnb

How to host an eco-friendly Airbnb

Out with the old, in with the “green”

Housing has always been thought of as a kind of ‘sustainable’ investment financially; a source of return in an investor’s portfolio that offers consistent reward with very little risk. Looking at the data, the inflation-adjusted annual yield for housing has been at an average of 7.05% since 1870; bonds, for the purposes of comparison, have hovered around 2.5%, while the market volatility in the housing space has been considerably less. Something that doesn’t often come to mind is sustainability in the housing market as it pertains to the environment, with things like eco-friendly Airbnb rentals. Savvy hosts would benefit from making investments in this, just as they’ve made savvy investments in real estate.

How to turn your rental into an eco-friendly Airbnb

For hosts hoping to lessen their environmental impact, cater to earth-friendly guests, and lessen their expenses to improve their bottom line, hosting an eco-friendly Airbnb is your answer for success. Not only will incorporating eco-friendly amenities in your Airbnb attract more guests, but the improvements will help reduce your utility bills and improve your margin each month. Those two benefits, plus the fact that you’ll be cutting down your carbon footprint, make eco-friendly Airbnbs a win all around!

There are countless ways to make an eco-friendly Airbnb, some of which are “quick wins”, and some which may take more time or investment to implement. Below, we’ve broken them down for you.

“Quick wins” — making an eco-friendly vacation rental fast and easy

  • Equipping the space with informational cues like recycling, composting, and waste management instructions

  • Providing reminders about saving water, turning off lights when unused, and other cues to save on resources
  • Informing guests about eco-friendly transit options
  • Noting restaurants that use waste-free takeout strategies 
  • Pointing travelers toward an unforgettable nature-based experience
  • Provide reusable bags, coffee cups, and water bottles for use

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products during turnovers
  • Provide eco-friendly toiletries for your guests, such as no or low-packaging products, or products made from recycled goods

Eco-friendly Airbnb investments:

  • Providing bikes to guests so they can get around without leaving a carbon footprint

  • Invest in smart thermostats to regulate temperature during vacancies
  • Invest in energy-efficient lights and solar panels
  • Install low-flow taps and shower heads to save on water consumption

Don’t stop here, though — stay up-to-date on the latest earth-friendly technology and advancements to be sure to keep your eco-friendly Airbnb updated.

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