How to promote Airbnb listings Five steps to market your Airbnb for more bookings

How to promote Airbnb listings in five easy steps

Now is the time to get in on the short-term rental (STR) market. Demand for this type of rental in the United States is up by 25%, with average daily rates increasing by 33.9%, and revenue increasing by 67.4% since 2019. The U.S. is easily the world capital of short-term rentals: iPropertyManagement reports that 23,000 vacation rental companies operate in the U.S. alone and that 600,000 residents in the country use digital platforms like Airbnb to rent their properties out to tourists and other travelers. 

These are staggering numbers, and they speak to the short-term rental industry’s status as a major disruptor in the field of travel accommodations. However, new and veteran entrepreneurs may find it hard to make a name for themselves in what’s becoming an increasingly busy industry. Standing out among competing properties is key to surviving, thriving, and expanding in the short-term rental market. With a little expertise, even novice entrepreneurs can make a name for themselves and their properties by learning how to promote Airbnb listings for long-term success.

Five key ways to start, advance, and promote your Airbnb business

1. Leverage new-to-market PropTech

In many ways, tech is the key to the short-term rental market. Pioneering companies like Airbnb have changed the way people book places to stay when they travel. This, in turn, gave rise to businesses buying properties specifically for the sake of running short-term rentals, and individuals buying them to build streams of passive income. 

As the short-term rental market continues to grow, more and more companies are finding ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. At Rabbu, we’ve made our mark by creating automated, data-driven solutions and automation to simplify every aspect of short-term rental ownership, from purchasing new properties to maintaining and cleaning existing ones. Our short-term rental marketplace streamlines the purchasing process even more, serving up investors the best properties on- and off-market, paired with STR-specific stats and underwriting. This function gives prospective buyers a much-needed time and analysis advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

how to promote airbnb listings

2. Invest time in creating an enticing listing page

Once a property is secured, purchased, furnished, and ready to list, marketing it becomes the next crucial step.

One key way to make your listing stand out among the competition is to create unique and appealing listings. Hiring a professional photographer is one way to demonstrate a commitment to quality while giving clients a better look at what they’re paying for; in fact, a study by Airbnb shows that professional photos can result in 20% more bookings and a 20% increase in earnings. Moreover, as part of their recent suite of 100+ changes to the platform, they have created machine-learning (ML) software that helps create eye-catching photo arrangements to help listings stand out from the competition. Taking advantage of this new technology is a great way for hosts to increase their properties’ aesthetic appeal. 

It’s also important to outfit properties with features that will be appealing to specific clientele. Highlighting a property’s proximity to tourist attractions and local hidden treasures will help bring in more adventurous guests, while showing off spacious desks, ergonomic chairs, and high-speed internet will make the property appealing to remote workers.

how to promote airbnb listings

3. Prioritize keeping a tidy accommodation 

Of course, short-term rentals are meant to be lived in–and, increasingly, worked in–so it is essential that they are properly maintained. Because of the naturally high turnover rate, ensuring that the property remains spotless after each stay can be expensive and time-consuming: this difficulty only gets multiplied as more and more properties are added to a portfolio. 

Whether managing one property or ten, having trusted maintenance and cleaning crews can dramatically reduce a host’s workload while ensuring that each new guest who enters the property experiences a real “wow” moment. At Rabbu, we’ve created a comprehensive property management platform that uses the latest PropTech to create listings and optimize nightly prices, all while using AI to enable 24/7 communication with guests and automate schedules for cleaning and maintenance crews. This platform takes away the stress of the day-to-day tasks of maintaining properties while also ensuring that they are kept in accordance with the highest standards. 

4. Learn from fellow Airbnb hosts & investors

There is no denying that the short-term rental industry is a highly competitive one. However, short-term rental alliances are becoming increasingly common as the industry continues to grow and develop. One notable example is the Hawaii Legal Short-term Rental Alliance, which operates in its namesake state. These organizations offer an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date on the news that matters to short-term rental owners in a given area. Moreover, members of these organizations can share tips and tricks, and, in some cases, advocate together against government legislation that targets short-term rentals. Looking to build out an investor network? Facebook and Twitter (#RETwit or #STRTwit) are great places to start! 

5. Build a brand

It’s important to remember that short-term rentals are a business like any other: standing out in the market requires a unique and recognizable brand. All of the previous steps contribute to this one: getting the right properties, maintaining them well, and creating appealing listings will help generate the buzz necessary to stand out in the market.

Effective brand building requires dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. In 2022, it also requires savvy use of technology in order to ensure both top-quality marketing and a top-quality product.


At Rabbu, our brand is helping your brand thrive–if you’d like to know how we can help you, drop your details below and we’ll let you know how!

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