Introducing Map Mode on Insights.

Location, Location, Location.

You know it, we know it, all investors know it. Real estate is all about location. A mere few blocks can really impact a property’s value, and more importantly, how lucrative it can be as a short-term rental investment. A mere few blocks can be the difference between “beachfront” vs. “near the beach”, “mountain views” vs. “mountain adjacent”, or “trendy neighborhood” vs. “cookie-cutter suburb”. That’s why we created Map Mode, a brand new feature to enhance our already known and loved tool, Insights

We launched Insights in 2021 as a way to put the power of transparent data in the hands of investors, for free. Using this tool, investors could plug in any address and immediately find its projected monthly seasonalized short-term rental revenue based on nearby comparable short-term rental properties. The comparables were shown in a list view, and investors were able to refine their comp set, and thus their projected revenue estimate, by choosing to include or exclude comparable properties for reasons such as amenities offered, general aesthetic, bedroom, and bathroom count, and more. We wanted to put the power in the hands of the investor, like you, to refine their estimate based on any number of factors to eventually land on the most accurate estimate for their specific investment. And we did, for free.

A piece of feedback that we heard was that it would be helpful to view the comparable properties within the context of a map. We agreed, so we built it. Although .2 miles doesn’t sound too far in many cases, in some cases, like beachfront properties, even a mere .2 miles away can result in a drastically different property type, one that should maybe be excluded from a comparable set. With the addition of Map Mode capabilities in an already thriving tool like Insights, we’ve increased the power in the investors’ hands. Now, investors like you can view all comparable properties to the address searched on a map, toggle between different stats that are displayed for each property, view details for each property, and even include or exclude properties. All within the context of the map.

Map Mode helps you best understand the micro-market in which you are invested in, or wanting to invest into. It enables you to understand how nearby properties are performing, and also how your property can perform. It puts the power in your hands to refine your estimate based on what you know about your investment, since you know best. And we’ll be here to help.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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