browse short-term rental investments Introducing Discover Mode, in Rabbu Marketplace

Browse short-term rental investments with STR-specific stats.

Investing in short-term rentals can be a lucrative path to passive income, but oftentimes the barriers to entry are too high for investors to get involved or scale. The first barrier to entry that many investors face is the sheer time and effort required to source, analyze, and act on their first, tenth, or hundredth investment. Sure, Zillow and Redfin compile listings on-market and serve them to you in an easily browsable platform, but what happens when you want to run the STR-specific numbers on 1, 5, 10, 50+ properties to find the best fit for you? 

Enter: Rabbu Marketplace, a browsable real estate investment platform specifically for short-term rental investors. With Rabbu Marketplace’s new Discover Mode, investors can easily view both on-market, and exclusive Rabbu off-market properties, and see specific STR-specific stats at a glance. Curious about gross yield, cash-on-cash, cap rate, and monthly rental revenue? Turn off the calculator, closeout of Excel – we’ve got it listed for you.

browse short-term rental investments

With a paid subscription to the Rabbu Marketplace, investors can both set their individualized investor criteria and receive daily deal alerts for deals that match, while now also browsing more generally with our new feature, Discover Mode. Discover Mode allows investors to view, filter, and sort through all premium, professionally sourced Rabbu properties and determine at a glance if it fits their investment goals by viewing and analyzing our robust STR-specific data and financials. Once they find a property or properties that meet their interests, they can save it to a short-list to analyze further and take action on, with Rabbu’s help.

Looking for a short-term rental investment? You no longer need to scroll through generic listing sites and crunch the numbers yourself. Pick up Rabbu Marketplace where listings are accompanied by premier STR-specific data and financials, giving you peace of mind and time back in your busy day. Subscribe now or grab a time to chat with us more below.

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