Our Why | Rabbu’s Beginning

I’m Emir, our CEO. Glad you’re here! We have more in common than you might think. No matter if you’re looking to buy a short-term rental, if you need help managing one, or if you’re selling one — I’ve been there, done that, and want to help you. The thought of Rabbu happened because of that: because I’ve been there, done that, and knew there had to be a better way.

Let’s start from the beginning. My wife, our two kids, and myself were living in Charlotte, Plaza Midwood to be exact. That home was great in many ways, a big one being that it was the start of Rabbu. A detached garage out back led up to a small spare bedroom, with opportunities endless. After a bit of discussion of what to do with it, we settled on sharing our property, our home, with others as an Airbnb. What’s the worst that could happen? We expected a bit of discretionary income at best, a flop if worst, but that glimmer of hope was enough to make the effort worthwhile.

A “bit” of extra discretionary income came quickly, then it kept coming. We were really on to something. With a few more properties at this point, full-time jobs, and energetic kids, we were at our wit’s end with property management but couldn’t find a company that suited our needs and that we trusted to help. That, paired with friends and colleagues asking if I could help them see the success I was seeing on their own investments was the spark needed to set Rabbu in motion.

With an idea in mind and a trusty colleague and co-founder, James, by my side, we turned that glimmer of hope I once had about a spare bedroom Airbnb into a glimmer of hope about a tech-enabled property management company that could help others achieve what I had achieved. And similarly to how the spare bedroom Airbnb took off, so has Rabbu.

Every day that we help a new buyer get into investing, I remember why we created Rabbu.

Every day that we help a current owner, a current host, achieve higher yields while not worrying about the difficulty of hands-on property management, I remember why we created Rabbu.

Every day that we help seamlessly connect sellers of properties to buyers, to enable the short-term rental real estate eco-system to keep chugging along, I remember why we created Rabbu.

We created Rabbu because I once needed Rabbu.

Short-term rental real estate investing, made easy.

Let’s get started. We’ll give you a call.

  • Rely on trusted partners (us!) to manage your property for you, giving you time back in your busy day.
  • Enjoy higher yields, powered by our innovative dynamic nightly pricing and flexible lengths-of-stay strategies.
  • Get ahead of an already booming industry, effortlessly.