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Talking all things short-term rental with Proptech Espresso

Interest in short-term rental (STR) investing has skyrocketed as STR demand has boomed throughout COVID-19. Investors are seeing and realizing how lucrative STRs are as an asset class, and the benefits both financially and personally that they offer.

As interest grows in this space, many find themselves asking similar questions about investing, owning, and scaling STRs, as well as the industry as a whole:

  • How is the shift in the way people are living and working driving interest in the short-term rental market?
  • What defines turnkey short-term rental investing and why is this appealing to prospective investors?
  • What are the differences in serving mom & pop investors versus professional investors in the short-term rental space?
  • What are the toughest scale challenges that short-term rental investors face when expanding their property portfolio?

Our COO, Trent Hawthorne, joined our friends over at Proptech Espresso to answer these questions and discuss how solving problems with software and building a company that minimizes the problems you persevered through make for a great startup entrepreneur recipe.

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