travel nurse airbnb How to increase Airbnb income by catering to non-leisure travelers

Unlock profit: cater to business travelers & travel nurses with your Airbnb

Short-term rentals are often solely considered for leisure travelers – the newly wedded going on a honeymoon, the group of friends going on vacation, or a family going for a weekend getaway. However, the home-sharing network has grown tremendously amongst non-leisure travelers in the past years. More than 250,000 companies now use Airbnb for business travel. So, short-term rentals are no longer limited to people who are just traveling for pleasure but also corporate travelers. In fact, “travel nurse Airbnb” has soared in Google Searches over 900% in the past year!

As a host, how do you use this development to your advantage? How do you market your Airbnb to business travelers and capture their interests? 

As property managers, we understand a few things about how to capture bookings from non-leisure travelers, check out our best-in-class tips below!

A home-away-from-home: Airbnbs for non-leisure travelers

Short-term rentals are no longer just for leisure travelers; increasingly, travel nurses, consultants, and other business travelers are opting to stay in local Airbnbs instead of major hotel chains. Hosts would benefit from understanding this shift in non-leisure travel and how to capitalize on it.

Most professionals want to stay in a comfortable place with favorable, enjoyable living conditions while working. Carefully curated and purposefully built Airbnbs offer a sense of comfort that many chain hotels simply cannot, often with additional perks or more affordable costs.

Also, travelers on a budget, like those traveling for work, might prefer accommodations equipped with facilities like a kitchen, washing machine, etc., to save money. Others, like travel nurses who stay in their chosen accommodation for extended periods of time, benefit from extended stay discounts that short-term rentals often offer. All of this makes Airbnb perfect for corporate travelers. 

business travel airbnb

Cater to your audience: how to attract travel nurses, business travelers, and more

While leisure travelers leave their homes for fun, pleasure, and relaxation, it is the opposite for corporate travelers. They travel for work, business meetings, to care for patients, conferences, or more — thus, their motives and priorities naturally differ. Understanding their unique motives and needs allows savvy hosts to offer enhancements and amenities that will attract non-leisure travelers purposefully.

Let’s consider a few things that can motivate a non-leisure traveler to book a short-term rental instead of a traditional corporate stay. 


Spas, swimming pools, and tourist attractions might entice a leisure traveler, though a corporate traveler is interested in far different amenities. A person traveling for work will need specific amenities to help them get their work done faster and efficiently. One is an excellent internet connection. Fast and reliable internet access is a must-have for a corporate traveler. In fact, most travelers filter their searches by WiFi availability during their accommodation hunting. Another is a comfortable workspace – an ideal one should have a good chair, table, and proper lighting. 

For non-leisure travelers like travel nurses, comfortable linens and bedroom furniture are essential. After a long day on their feet serving patients, travel nurses will be eager to return to their home-away-from-home to relax fully.

travel nurse airbnb comfortable bed


How accessible is your Airbnb? Is it difficult to get public transit? What is the walking score? Questions like this are essential for non-leisure travelers. 

A corporate traveler will appreciate being able to commute between your Airbnb and their work or meeting location without much difficulty. Struggling to find a taxi or trekking several miles while going to work or for an important meeting or patient can make your Airbnb less enticing to guests.

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

Non-leisure travelers might sometimes have to cancel their Airbnb early for several reasons. For example, hospitals can terminate the contract of a travel nurse and ask them to report back. Although this is not common, we recommend offering flexible cancellation policies and payment options to cover this category of travelers. 

Exceptional Guest Communication

Many corporate travelers will feel better at ease knowing there is someone they can trust to answer their questions, help them book rental cars, find a location, and so on. Having to do all of these alone can be stressful, especially if they are new in town. So, offering exceptional guest communication for your guests during their stay in your Airbnb is an excellent way to increase your reviews and reputation and encourage new corporate travelers to stay with you.

Above-and-beyond guest communication can feel similar to hotel room services, but done virtually. Fortunately, for busy hosts who prefer a more passive income strategy. several third-party management companies provide these services. Alternatively, you can partner with a full-service property management company that will handle guest communication and more! Some of the services a full-service property management partner will provide to travelers include:

  • Offering local suggestions for food, fun, and more
  • Answering questions about how to operate appliances in the Airbnb
  • Booking tickets for events
  • Mailing and deliveries 
  • Making reservations 
  • Booking rental cars or pickups
  • Finding the nearest ATM 
  • Offering directions

Loyalty Rewards 

Offer loyalty rewards through discounts, service perks, and free upgrades to returning guests. Many business travelers admitted in a Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) research that they consider loyalty programs when booking a hotel. Likewise, you can capture more booking demand by offering guests reward points and perks. This is best executed by setting up your own booking portal so that you can offer direct bookings by guests and control loyalty programs and other programs like this more closely.

Personalized guest experiences

Like everyone, non-leisure travelers value great experiences. Creating guest experiences tailored to an individual can make them feel welcomed. Simple gestures like personalized welcome greetings, welcome baskets, or welcome booklets containing WiFi information or contact information can make travelers feel special — and this is why many non-leisure travelers opt to stay at an Airbnb rather than hotels because they want a more personalized experience.

Workout or Gym Facilities

A home gym is another enticing feature to add to your short-term rental. You might assume that because your guest is on a business or work trip, they might be uninterested in working out, but it may often surprise you that they will be thankful for it!

Business travelers often get stuck in-between – they’re in a location for long enough that they’d like to be able to follow a routine and workout, but they are not there for quite long enough to get a gym membership. To help cater to this unique circumstance, providing at-home workout equipment might help you stand out from other Airbnb listings and also serve as an additional way to boost your rental income. 

“Airbnb with gym” is a popular Google search keyword. This shows that many people would love to have a fitness center at their rental home, whether traveling for work or pleasure. 

As we optimistically look ahead at the other side of COVID-19, travel for work has started to return to the spotlight, but guest expectations have shifted. After working from home for the past two years, guests are craving comfort and amenities more than ever. Now poses a unique opportunity to cater to non-leisure travelers by meeting them where they are with what they need: a comfortable Airbnb that becomes their home-away-from-home.

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