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Benefits you’ll enjoy.

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Affordable health care

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Unlimited paid time off

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Employee stock options

Values you’ll love

Don’t break the chain.

Consistency leads to compounding, and compounding turns very little things into very big things over time. If we’re doing something that is working, we don’t stop.

Do what you say you’ll do.

Following through with what you say and promise builds trust and credibility. Showing respect and building trust within our team and with our customers are of utmost importance, and this helps drive that.

Customer-centric focus.

We are fortunate to be in a market with constant feedback loops with our guests, owners, and software users in real-time.

We use those feedback loops to iterate faster to improve our offerings better than anyone else in the market. As long as we do this, we’ll never run out of ways to improve and serve those we serve better.

Give more value than we get.

If we add value to the market, we (and our clients) will always win long-term. If we have to make the choice, we give more value to the market than we take from it. We believe that paying it forward always wins.

Blame the system, not the person.

Things go wrong, but assigning blame never helps. We don’t point fingers here, we’re a team.

When things do go wrong, examine the system and improve that system continuously. We always aim for constant improvement — for ourselves, each other, our company, and our clients.

Challenge thinking, then commit.

We all have different and valuable perspectives that help solve problems — we always encourage each other to offer our opinions up or challenge each other’s thinking and assumptions.

Once a course of action is decided, we go all-in to make it work, even if it is not what one of us personally would have chosen in the beginning.

Through critical thinking and committed execution, we make big things happen.

Be transparent.

We place importance on checking in on each other and always telling the truth. We encourage each other to speak out about how we each really feel or what is going on, even if it isn’t necessarily positive. Withholding information is counterprodutive to everyone involved, and we strive to eliminate that.

Don’t present problems without solutions.

Problems are inevitable, but we are all about efficient problem solving and improving in the process. Surfacing problems without a solution doesn’t solve anything, but surfacing problems with a solution in mind (even if it may be wrong) at least gets us on the right path. We are a team, and we problem solve together — having an initial solution in mind makes that easier.

Our employees love it here

"Rabbu truly gives you the autonomy to bring your best every day, there is no micromanaging here. You own your deliverables and set your own course, the support and teamwork is amazing. First company I have ever worked for where the espoused values are a daily reality!"

Customer Success

"I love working amongst so many brilliant individuals. This was one of the best career moves I could have made. Management really cares about your success, growth and opinion."


"I always thought that people who loved their jobs were lying, but I can truthfully say I adore my job and working here at Rabbu! The work is so fulfilling, the people are outstandingly smart, and it’s so meaningful to help build out a company that I am so passionate about. Best career move ever!"

Product Marketing Manager

"I feel so genuinely supported here at Rabbu. Upper management likes to say “we work for you”, and they truly show that -- they always do everything in their power to make sure we have tools to succeed. At Rabbu, we believe that problems are opportunities to do better, and with all of us passionate and working hard towards a common goal, amazing things are happening. It is my opinion that we can do anything and solve any problem, it’s what we do here!"

Field Operations Manager

“The BEST part of 2021 for me was joining Rabbu! The culture is amazing. I love how driven everyone is and how invested they are in the growth of our brand! I am encouraged to take my ideas and turn them into reality. I have never felt more supported or appreciated during my career than I do here. Rabbu also encourages work/life balance! I <3 our Rabbu family!”

Market Manager

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