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General Details

  • What does Rabbu offer?

    Rabbu offers Airbnb consulting services for Homeowners and property investors in Charlotte. Our goal is to help our clients maximize income returns on their properties through the short-term rental marketplace.

  • Why should I get into the Airbnb market in Charlotte?

    Now is a great time to invest in an Airbnb in Charlotte. Over the past 3 years, more than 2,300 rentals have been added to the short-term rental market. During the past year, almost 124,000 people have traveled to Charlotte and stayed in an Airbnb. In the first half of 2019, more than $22 million dollars in revenue have been generated from Airbnbs in Charlotte. As the city continues to grow, we expect the Airbnb market in Charlotte will continue on this positive trajectory.

  • Why should I choose short-term renting over long-term?

    If you are an inexperienced real estate investor, short-term rentals give fairly easy access into the market and its financial opportunities. Short-term rentals also often generate more income than long-term rentals, since owners can charge higher, adjustable nightly rates versus a set monthly rate. With Rabbu, you get to be a real estate investor and earn passive income without having to do all the tedious hosting work.

  • Can you help me convert my home into a successful Airbnb?

    Whether you are starting an Airbnb listing from scratch or just need decorating tips, we are here to lead you in the right direction. We are experienced in the industry and are happy to offer suggestions for what changes should be made depending on your budget.

  • What does your company actually do?

    The majority of our owners tell us they want to maximize their revenue without devoting about the time, energy, and expertise successfully listing on Airbnb requires. Our customers want to focus on their own goals, careers, families, etc. and not be bogged down with guest inquiries, requests, cleaning and restocking, and so on. Our team will handle everything related to renting out your space, from setting up the account and responding to inquiries, to maintaining the Airbnb listing and being the guests’ contact before, during and after their stay, to cleaning the listing, replenishing consumables, inspecting for damages after every stay, and scheduling maintenance when necessary. Once you get going you won’t hear from us much, but we’ll always be available to you. We will also be here to update you on unit performance, and answer your questions whenever you need us to!

  • What if I want to stay at my property for personal use?

    You are free to use your home for personal use—but if you plan to only rent out your home occasionally, your home may not be a great fit for Rabbu’s services. If a home is predominantly unavailable for bookings, we reserve the right to cancel the agreement.

  • How do I get started?

    To get started, simply book a quick meeting with our host advisor or send us an email at If we decide everything is a fit, we will walk you through the process of getting your property ready to be onboarded as a successful Airbnb!

Onboarding Details

  • What will it cost me to get started?

    We do not charge upfront fees for our services, but there are some startup costs associated with getting the listing ready, such as photos, smart hardware, and more -- we help you coordinate all of this.

  • What do you require to be in the home?

    We provide you with a home supplies list that includes general furniture items, kitchen supplies, appliances, etc. to make sure your Airbnb is guest ready. While we do require some SmartThings compatible hardware to be installed, we are happy to order the correct equipment and schedule for it to be installed on your behalf. The router and the lock are about $300, and the installation is around $150. If you do not have a Roku TV, we require a Roku streaming stick so that we can log into our Netflix, Hulu, and DIRECTV Now accounts. This means that you do not need to have a TV provider. We also suggest the use of other smart home technology that is compatible with SmartThings so that we can remotely monitor your property for you in other ways, such as energy efficiency and property access & security, but it is not required. Keep in mind that Airbnbs that are well decorated and photographed tend to rent at a higher rate and frequency, so we always encourage owners to create a home that shows well. We highly suggest, and may require, a property deep clean prior to photographing and publicizing your listing. You would be responsible for paying for this initial cleaning only. We will be there to support you throughout this entire on-boarding process and to help you ensure everything is in place and ready as efficiently as possible!

  • Do I need to provide professional photos of the property?

    Nope! In preparation for listing your property we will schedule for a photographer to come out and take photographs on your behalf. We have local professionals that work with us to ensure we are capturing what guests look for in an Airbnb. Listings with attractive, professional photos are what will immediately catch potential guests’ attention! Prices typically run about $150.

  • Do I pay for the utilities?

    Yes, as the homeowner you are responsible for paying for utilities and internet services. We do not require cable TV services since we provide logins to Netflix, Hulu, and DIRECTV now with Roku TVs.

  • Who is responsible for guest support and communication?

    Guests are welcome to communicate with our professional Customer Support team before, during, and after their stay with anything they may need! We are here to provide them with property access instructions and support, suggestions for local activities, events, and restaurants, and much more.

  • How do you determine my nightly rate?

    We use dynamic pricing technology to optimize the balance between nightly rates and occupancy. Pricing model algorithms can only do so much, so we also make sure we stay up to date on things like local events and historic trends, and regularly review pricing data to manually adjust pricing further when we see opportunities.

  • How long does it take to get my property listed and live on Airbnb?

    This depends on the state of your property and how fast you’d like to move on getting it live on Airbnb. Once you’ve signed a contract with Rabbu, we will set a “live date” goal so you can know how long we expect it to take to prepare your property, create a listing, and set in live on Airbnb (assuming we don’t encounter any major roadblocks).

Ongoing Maintenance

  • How are scheduled maintenance services handled?

    For example, lawn care, pest control, HVAC etc. We are happy to schedule a regular lawn and pest control services on your behalf, but most of our owners already have this in place and continue to use their preferred vendor. We do require that all owners have repeat services in place, so we can set up recurring services for you, and the bills for these services will be invoiced directly to you. If you would like us to begin scheduling services for you, please make sure you let us know as far in advance as possible so that we can be sure to fit you into our scheduled rotation. During our quarterly property inspections, we will perform simple maintenance tasks like changing remote control batteries or light bulbs. We will schedule vendors as needed, and all maintenance work will be billed at cost to you. We make it easy by coordinating with vendors directly—saving you the headache of scheduling anything around or during a guest’s stay!

  • Do I have to restock consumables such as paper towels, etc..?

    We will make sure that your Airbnb is restocked with all guest supplies that we would consider to be “consumables” (see list below). Rather than you having to purchase, track and maintain these supplies, we have a flat monthly fee that is deducted from your payout. This fee is determined by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on your property. Monthly Consumables fee includes: sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, kitchen sponges, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, coffee, coffee filters, creamer, sugar, salt & pepper, light bulbs, batteries.

  • What happens if someone staying at my Airbnb destroys my things?

    While having a well-decorated and comfortable home is important, we strongly encourage the removal of any personal items that hold sentimental value, are antique, or are considered to be luxurious/high-end. You can also lock these items up in what we call an “owner’s closet”. We do our best to properly vet incoming guests to avoid damage as much as possible. Beyond that, we collect security deposits, and work directly with Airbnb to collect from guests if damages outside of regular wear and tear do occur. Hosts do have liability insurance of up to $1 million USD through Airbnb to protect against third party claims for personal injury or property damage. Generally, well-maintained, durable items in good working condition that are damaged as a result of a guest’s actions are covered. We can not ever guarantee that nothing will ever be broken or stop working in your home since small appliances, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and electronics eventually wear out, but processes are in place to replace broken or damaged items that resulted from a guest making a mistake.

Contracts & Earnings

  • How long are your contracts? Is a longer contract better?

    We offer 6, 12, 18, and 24 month flex host agreements. The biggest advantage to a longer hosting agreement is that your Airbnb will be available to book further out for inquiring guests. For example, let's say you sign a 6 month agreement with us with services beginning March 1st, but a guest wants to book the week of Thanksgiving in November, your Airbnb would appear unavailable until your agreement with us is renewed.

  • What is the commission structure?

    We charge a flat commission rate of 25% of net rental revenue. The way the money flows after a guest(s) books their stay via booking channels such as Airbnb is as follows: the booking channel subtracts all taxes required by law, the cleaning fee paid by the guest gets subtracted and paid to the cleaning crew that cleans and restocks your unit between stays, and the channel booking fee gets paid out to the booking channel. The amount that is left over is what gets divided between Rabbu and the property owner.

  • Why do you do use a commission based payout structure?

    Commission-based pricing is common in the industry. We believe that this strategy aligns our incentives with our Homeowners in that we only make money when our owners make money, and the only way to increase our revenue is to help owners increase theirs.

  • How do I receive payment from rentals and how often?

    We pay our owners once a month via the account we will help you set up on You can expect to receive the previous month’s deposit to your bank account by the 10th of every month. This statement and deposit will cover all stays that check out during the previous month. If you have a guest crossing over one month to the next, the payment for that reservation falls in the month they check out.

  • Will you provide me with tax documentation?

    Yep! We will have you fill out a w9, and will send you a 1099 after the end of the year.

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