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  • High-quality, motivated buyer and seller leads
  • World-class technology and customer support
  • No upfront or ongoing fees – you only pay if and when a deal closes
  • #1-rated real estate company on Trustpilot with 2,800+ 5-star reviews

How can Rabbu grow your business?

Investor audience

Rabbu is the go-to platform for hundreds of thousands of Airbnb and vacation rental investors.

High quality leads

Our users are high-intent and highly qualified leads who are constantly growing their portfolios.

Proven track record

Rabbu partners have generated thousands of leads and closed $100M+ in transactions.

"The Rabbu platform is the perfect platform for us to market our services to a dedicated short-term rental investor audience. I am super happy about the lead volume and have sold over $15M on Rabbu!"

Chantal Duame

Real Estate Agent

"I have really enjoyed working with Rabbu since the beginning. Their lead quality is much better than other platforms and their tools make the lead nurturing process a breeze. They are the perfect partner!"

Mike Eichler

Real Estate Agent

Frequently asked questions

Do agents have market exclusivity when advertising on Rabbu?

It depends on the volume in a market and whether or not we have Rabbu Certified Agents in your area.

How does Rabbu vet leads?

We employ a strategic vetting process through detailed questionnaires to ensure that the leads you receive are highly qualified. Our questionnaire is designed to assess the lead's investment readiness, financial capacity, and specific interests, ensuring that you connect with serious and capable investors.

What types of properties do Rabbu investors typically look for?

Rabbu investors are primarily interested in short-term rental properties, ranging from urban apartments to rural retreats. They are often looking for properties with high rental yield potential in both established and emerging markets.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

The timeline for seeing results can vary based on market dynamics. However, most partners see engagement and lead generation immediately.

Does Rabbu share a lead's prior search history on the platform?

Yes, we share a lead's prior search history on Rabbu. This includes the types of properties they've shown interest in, their engagement with listings, and other relevant search behaviors. This valuable insight helps you to better understand their investment journey and preferences, enabling a more personalized and effective engagement.

What sets Rabbu apart from other real estate lead generation platforms?

Rabbu stands out due to its focused audience of high-intent, high-net-worth Airbnb investors, its sophisticated lead vetting process, and the unique ability to provide detailed lead insights, including prior search history. Our platform is tailor-made for real estate professionals looking to engage with a niche and lucrative market segment.

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