AIRBNB INVESTINGBuild your short-term rental portfolio.

Rabbu partners with real estate investors to find, acquire, and operate short-term rental investment properties. With this emerging asset class, our investors generate high-yield passive income and long-term capital appreciation.

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The Rabbu STR Buying Process

1. Define buy criteria and source properties

We partner with investors to define specific purchase criteria (target returns, preferred locations, asset types) and use our proprietary data and algorithms to find the best short-term rental investment properties that match your investment criteria.

Start Finding Properties

2. Provide financial underwriting and facilitate a smooth buying experience

Once narrowed in on specific properties, we deliver detailed financial underwriting with projected monthly revenues, provide access to Rabbu’s highly-specialized agent network, and connect you to financing partners to ensure a smooth closing.

3. Close, onboard, and start generating passive income

After closing, we onboard properties and run the daily operations. Investors have real-time insights into the performance of the portfolio without worrying about the day-to-day and can focus on further growing their portfolio with Rabbu.

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