Rabbu’s STR investment platform allows investors to identify, acquire, and operate higher-yielding Airbnb properties.


Short-term rentals are the emerging asset class that investors are seeking.

Rabbu enables investors to invest without the time commitments and headaches, keeping the “passive” in passive income.

  • We partner with investors to build high-yielding short-term rental portfolios.
  • Our platform provides the data, analytics, automation, and operations management capabilities necessary to find, analyze, buy, and operate Airbnb investment properties.
  • Rabbu manages the property and daily guest operations, while you focus on building and scaling your portfolio.

Rabbu Marketplace empowers you to be first to identify the most profitable Airbnb properties.

Rabbu Curated Deals

Access to proprietary data and analytics empowers our team of expert underwriters to target properties that meet Rabbu’s demanding revenue performance requirements.

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Rabbu Deal Alerts

Select your personalized investment requirements and leverage Rabbu’s algorithms and automation to proactively discover new deals and be alerted when new deals match your criteria.

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Rabbu Off-Market

Get access to exclusive deals that are not listed anywhere else and feature the best short-term rental properties. Participating in Rabbu Off-Market Deals is one of the fastest ways to build or acquire a high-performance STR portfolio.

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Discover Mode

Browse high-performing short-term rental investment opportunities with the new Discover Mode, part of the Rabbu Marketplace. Rabbu Marketplace is the premier location for curated Airbnb investment properties, professionally sourced and underwritten with robust STR-specific data, all in one-place.

Discover Mode empowers you to sort and filter all properties listed to efficiently and effectively find an investment right for you.

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Financial analysis and modeling tools save massive amounts of time, give you a competitive edge, and instill confidence in your investing decisions.


Automated and Immediate Financial Analysis Calculator

Manually running the numbers can be time-consuming and simply not practical at scale. Rabbu’s automated underwriting provides you with an initial view of key STR financial metrics for any property that matches your criteria.

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Full STR Financial Underwriting

Once you’ve identified a target property, you need confidence in the data. With access to data.rabbu.com’s analytics engine for revenue prediction and comparables filtering, combined with Rabbu’s trusted underwriting model, Rabbu empowers investors to buy with confidence in the numbers.

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Investors need domain expertise to reduce risk and increase yields. Rabbu supplies that and more.

Expert Acquisition Guidance

Get expert-level guidance and support to instill confidence in your investment decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and help you build a strong portfolio. Acquiring and operating great STRs is the foundation of our business and where we started. We use these experiences and domain expertise to give our investors unrivaled support.

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Simplify process, fees, and time commitments when you transact through the Rabbu Speciality STR brokerage.

Purchase your STR Investment

Streamline your transactions and purchase directly through Rabbu. Take advantage of the Rabbu network of on-the-ground resources for touring, inspecting, and advancing an offer to close. Investors can now easily identify, acquire, and convert to operations with unprecedented speed and confidence.

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Market and sell your STR Investment

Get maximum price and minimum fees (avg. 2% seller fee) when you market and sell your property to a Rabbu investor. If your property projects strong financials or has a proven history of short-term rental success, Rabbu can market your site to our community of qualified investors.

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Maximize your return on investment with minimal time commitments with Rabbu’s property management.

Full-service STR property management

Once an investment is secured, its profitability is highly-dependent on expert operations and property management. Rabbu’s unparalleled expertise in short-term rental management means that your investment will get you the highest yields. Through 24/7 guest communication, vendor management, dynamic pricing, and more, your investment will be in good hands.

Rabbu STR Management Platform

Our proprietary property management platform and robust vendor network allow us to seamlessly manage your Airbnb regardless of location through impressive automation and operations, while also providing you the visibility you deserve to monitor your property’s performance remotely.

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