Rabbu Deal Alerts

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Being the first to identify great investment opportunities is critical to building your portfolio. Rabbu Deal Alerts notify you via email or text message when we source a new property that matches your criteria, giving you the first-mover’s advantage.

  • Set your investment criteria based on price, location, target returns
  • Get alerted when there is a match via text message or email
  • Analyze property’s short-term rental predicted financial performance

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Advanced Data and Analytics

Find your next high-yield Airbnb investment property

Set Investment Goals:

With Deal Alerts, you can set your specific criteria like location, cap rate, and purchase price, among others. We then curate a personalized search just for you – eliminating noise, saving you time, and sourcing the best deals within markets you’re interested in, with your investment criteria and return profile in mind.

Receive personalized Deal Alerts:

Receive curated deal alerts sent to you daily with properties that meet your personalized investment criteria. Shortlist your favorite deals into an actionable list that will enable you to take action and invest in those properties.

Analyze Detailed Financials:

Review detailed financial analysis along with key return metrics you care about: gross yield, cap rate, cash-on-cash, NOI, revenue projections, and upfront equity.

Unlock Robust Analysis at Scale:

Our financial analysis eliminates the need to manually discover and run the numbers on hundreds of properties to narrow in on the right deals for you. With our product, you’re able to instantly analyze more deals in-depth, unlocking a scale of short-term rental real estate analysis otherwise unachievable.

Save your valuable time by discovering potential Airbnb investment properties based on your personalized investment criteria.

Step 1

Discover New Deals

As you browse your matched deals, you can “like” or “pass” on the deals based on your interest level. Your “liked” deals will be shortlisted for you, empowering you to quickly sort and analyze the best deals and take action on acquiring these properties, while your “passed” deals will be filed away in case you ever need to revisit.

Step 2

Analyze Properties

Further sort through deals by analyzing the robust proprietary data, financial projections, and market insights that accompany each listing. Equipped with additional data points and a customizable Investment Calculator, you’re positioned to make quick decisions on high-priority opportunities.

Step 3

Take Action

When you’re ready to take the next step on a liked property, one of Rabbu’s Advisors will be available to help you take action – whether it be to request additional underwriting, review short-term rental regulations, or advance to purchase, we’re there to help.

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