Wade's Story

Helping first time STR investors get started

1210 Minter Place

About the Property

  • 3 bed / 3.5 bath
  • 1,816 square feet
  • Townhome
  • Charlotte, NC


  • 1.8x increase in returns vs. LTR
  • 77% average 30 day occupancy
  • $326 average nightly rate
  • 4.74 overall star rating

Square One

A Charlotte native, Wade grew up seeing the success of his father’s life in development and quickly followed in his footsteps — beginning his very own development business right in the community he was born in, raised in, and knew best: Charlotte, NC. After building a townhome community in the city that started it all, Wade wanted to dabble in a new venture — short-term rentals. As this was his first experience with short-term rentals, Wade commissioned some help: us here at Rabbu. And that relationship has only blossomed since.

Rabbu’s Help

Rabbu pulled out all of the stops, the same we do for all of our clients — trusted, end-to-end property management that allows our clients to earn passive income while we do all of the work. With our help, Wade has been able to successfully run an Airbnb out of his newly (and beautifully!) developed townhome community and realize the benefits, without lifting a finger. Wade has become a dear friend to Rabbu, oftentimes catching up with Emir, our CEO, whenever their paths cross in town. We’ve been able to introduce Wade to the benefits of short-term rentals and get him excited about possibilities in the future.


After seeing the success we can make happen for our clients, Wade has been bit by the short-term rental bug. Still a developer in Charlotte, Wade is developing additional communities with his landmark beautiful qualities. Within these communities, Wade sees opportunity and potential to set aside some properties for short-term rentals — with Rabbu’s trusted help.

"I feel very fortunate to have found and partnered with Rabbu. They are really professionals in the market and make the process simple. Their team is always responsive and willing to implement new strategies to make us both successful. We certainly plan on partnering with Rabbu on any future rental projects."

Wade Miller
Property Owner