David's Story

Passion & purpose fuel this investor’s success

Purpose-built portfolio in North Carolina

About the Portfolio

  • No. of Rabbu Properties: 6
  • Property Types: SFH, MFH, ADU
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Investing Experience: 10+


  • Avg Monthly Returns Across Portfolio: $15,000
  • Avg. 30-Day Occupancy Rate Across Portfolio: 90.25%
  • Avg Nightly Rate Across Portfolio: $131.50
  • Overall Star Rating Across Portfolio: 4.53

Square One

After completing graduate school at Oxford and spending time in investment banking in New York, David wanted to take on his next great passion – acting. It was during this time that David discovered another passion of his, real estate, as he began flipping properties to support his acting dreams. After making a few strategic real estate investments, he found himself with some discretionary income and some words of wisdom from a trusted connection who once saw him in a one-man show in Portland – the words being “check out Charlotte”. 

In 2005, David did just that – he took his investing ambitions to Charlotte, NC. At first, he focused his investments on a few downtown areas – renovating the assets and renting them out in the years to come. Lately, though, his sights have expanded. David takes great pride in the purposeful renovations of each of his projects – he strives to create as much alignment as he can with the environment by investing in environmentally friendly amenities and additions and works diligently to only design spaces that he, himself, would be excited about living in.

Rabbu’s Help

Running a short-term rental business can easily become a full-time job–once you add “source continued investments” and “renovate rental properties” to that list, it becomes easy for real estate investing ambitions to take over your life. David was aware of that and wanted to get ahead of it. After hearing about Rabbu from a real estate connection he greatly respects, he was eager to partner with us to outsource the property management of his rentals to free his time up for other things. After piloting one of his properties with us and realizing the value we provide, David was eager to expand. Reflecting on what he values most about his relationship with Rabbu, the first thing that came to mind was the relationships, the 1×1 connections, the responsiveness, and the transparency – all things we pride ourselves on as well.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with David from our early days – prior to the pandemic changing our ways of working, we enjoyed being local to David in our Charlotte office for his eager engagement with our team in optimizing his portfolio. Nowadays, David’s life is a bit more nomadic and on the road – living in Airbnbs just like the ones that he, himself, rents out. David’s a man of big plans, and big plans are coming – be on the lookout for a 50-acre tiny home community, purposefully built with his vision, coming to the Asheville, NC area soon.

 “I really value the sophisticated marketing and the close communication with Rabbu – the fact that I can leverage my time by allowing Rabbu to handle the property management aspect of my business, and knowing that I don’t have to worry about my properties in their hands is really valuable to me.”

-David Sadka