Sell my Airbnb

Sell your Airbnb rental quickly through Rabbu's investor audience

Why consider working with Rabbu to sell your Airbnb?

Investor audience

Rabbu is the go-to platform for hundreds of thousands of Airbnb rental investors.

Proven track record

Rabbu has helped investors sell over $100M in Airbnb rental properties to its users.

Sell quickly

Sellers have sold in as little as 8 days after marketing their Airbnb for sale with Rabbu.

How it works

Choose to sell your Airbnb through Rabbu directly or with a qualified partner agent by your side:

Option #1

Sell directly through Rabbu

You work directly with Rabbu to market your Airbnb on our platform. Potential buyers reach out to you directly and you negotiate the deal yourself.

Option #2

Sell with a Rabbu partner agent

Rabbu connects you with a local agent partner who will market your Airbnb on Rabbu and traditional channels like MLS. Your agent handles buyer negotiations.

"Rabbu was a game-changer for selling our Airbnb property, offering access to over 30,000 of their newsletter subscribers and bypassing traditional MLS listings. This direct link to a specialized market of potential buyers streamlined our process and exceeded our expectations. Rabbu's tailored approach and expertise led to a fantastic success in the sale of our property."

Andrew Schaper

Sold "The Jungle Disco" Airbnb in Houston, TX

"Rabbu streamlined the sale of my Airbnb property beyond my expectations. Listed on a Monday, it was under contract to a cash buyer above asking price just 48 hours later and closed in 8 days. The response was perfect, with over 20 interested parties and multiple legitimate offers. I highly recommend Rabbu for anyone looking to sell their Airbnb rental efficiently to a curated list of interested buyers."

John Sutton

Sold a 3br/2.5ba Airbnb rental in Terre Haute, IN

"Rabbu was the perfect partner for us in the disposition of our portfolio. Their investor base is vast; we knew we’d find eager and committed buyers. They were the experienced partners we needed to properly market and sell our 42-unit Airbnb portfolio. Rabbu did just that."

James Funderburk

Sold a 42-unit Airbnb portfolio in Charlotte, NC

Option #1

Sell directly through Rabbu

Considering a direct sale of your Airbnb rental? Rabbu streamlines the for-sale-by-owner route, offering you a simple way to avoid traditional real estate fees. With Rabbu's extensive network of active real estate investors, your property gains unparalleled exposure, increasing the likelihood of a swift and profitable sale.

How it works:

  • You provide details about your Airbnb.
  • Rabbu markets your Airbnb to it's investors.
  • You negotiate directly with buyer leads.

Fee structure:

  • $1,000 up-front marketing fee
  • 0.1% of the list price per lead
  • $0 per lead beyond 20 leads

Option #2

Sell with a Rabbu partner agent

Pair up with a Rabbu-affiliated real estate agent to harness the power of both Rabbu’s investor-centric platform and traditional real estate marketplaces. This dual approach amplifies your listing’s reach, connecting your Airbnb rental with a broad spectrum of potential buyers, from individual investors to large investment groups.

How it works:

  • You provide details about your Airbnb.
  • Rabbu markets your Airbnb to it's investors.
  • Your sellers agent negotiate's with buyers.

Fee structure:

  • $1,000 up-front marketing fee
  • Competitive 3% agent commission
  • Possibility of additional agent fees

FAQs about selling my Airbnb with Rabbu

What benefits does selling my Airbnb rental directly on Rabbu offer?

Experience a seamless and proven process with the added advantage of Rabbu's specialized investor network. This approach helps you save on fees and connects you with a focused buyer base looking for Airbnb rental investments.

How does Rabbu's platform enhance the visibility of my Airbnb rental listing?

Rabbu utilizes targeted marketing strategies to promote your property to a curated audience of real estate investors specifically interested in Airbnb rentals, increasing your listing’s online presence and potential for a quick, profitable sale.

Are there any fees for listing my Airbnb rental on Rabbu?

List your property with a modest $1,000 up-front marketing fee, and pay only a 0.1% of the list price per lead generated by Rabbu up to a max of 2%. This cost-effective structure puts more profit in your pocket.

Why should I choose a Rabbu partner agent to sell my Airbnb?

Our partner agents are experts in the Airbnb rental market and bring a wealth of experience to the table. They combine Rabbu’s robust digital reach with traditional real estate marketing to maximize your property’s exposure.

What does the $1,000 up-front marketing fee cover when selling with a Rabbu partner agent?

This initial investment ensures your property is marketed effectively across Rabbu’s platform and traditional real estate channels, securing broader exposure and attracting qualified buyers.

How does the commission work when I sell with a Rabbu partner agent?

After your property sells, the commission is paid to the Rabbu partner agent ensuring a transparent and fair fee structure.

Can selling my property on Rabbu help me reach investors looking for Airbnb-ready homes?

Absolutely. Rabbu’s platform is tailored to connect sellers with investors who are actively seeking properties optimized for platforms like Airbnb, making it an ideal marketplace for your Airbnb-ready home.

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