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Rabbu helps real estate investors find, buy, and sell Airbnb investment properties

More than a million people have used Rabbu's 100% free platform to project short-term rental revenue and returns.

  • Simple, transparent revenue estimates. Our Airbnb Calculator helps you analyze Airbnb revenue for any address in the United States. View all the comparables included in the estimate, and get full control over how to refine it.
  • Find the best markets quickly. View comprehensive Airbnb market data for any market in the United States, at no cost. Use our Market Finder tool along with our proprietary ROI Score to zero in on the best markets.
  • Receive daily emails with top properties. A free Rabbu account gets you access to our view of the best properties to buy, along with off-market properties you won't find marketed anywhere else.
  • See which currently for sale properties would be great Airbnbs. See cash-on-cash return estimates for each for sale property in every market.
  • Get answers on regulations. Connect with our partner agents to quickly understand regulations in any market you're exploring.
  • Understand your financing options. Our lender partners use Rabbu's data to underwrite, and can confirm your loan eligibility with just a few clicks.

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