Your Real Estate Portfolio Amplified through Flexible Asset Management

Rabbu makes it possible to capture short, medium and long-term rental demand to increase revenue.

Rabbu markets your rentals across all major channels and targets the highest yielding strategy to maximize returns

Asset Management Platform

Hassle-free, higher yield for your investment portfolio.

Rabbu markets your property as a short-term (<30 days), medium-term (30 to 180 days) and long-term (180+ days) rental to capture best returns.

Why Investors Choose Rabbu

Maximize your income

Our expertise and dynamic marketing strategies ensure that your property will generate the highest possible revenue.

Automate the process

Our proprietary technology and operational efficiencies ensure a good tenant experience regardless of stay length.

Make investing passive

Our team and technology take care of everything so you can focus on growing your portfolio instead of operations.

One-of-a-kind platform unlocking your revenue potential

Rabbu’s proprietary technology and ops platform open unparalleled opportunities.


Our platform scans the short, medium and long term markets to project your revenue potential based on your unique property.


Your portfolio is simultaneously marketed on major marketplaces to ensure maximum exposure and revenue generation.


Smart home devices give tenants access, coordinate turnovers, minimize energy consumption and more.


Dedicated revenue management and Trust Accounting level reporting to maximize revenue growth and maintain transparency.

Investor Testimonials

  • Rabbu google 5 star rating

    “Rabbu is a game changer. After I received a job offer to move to NYC, I had to decide what to do with my condo in Uptown Charlotte. I was referred to Rabbu by a close friend and after meeting with them, I knew it was going to be a great fit. Rabbu took on my property and has h...”

    Adam E.

    Rabbu Customer

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